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We love B2B - we cut our teeth here working with some of the world’s leading brands in the enterprise IT, telecoms, mobile and graphic arts sectors. We have in-depth experience in the sectors below but our ability is by no means limited to them.

Enterprise Tech

Areas of expertise: hardware, software, services, cloud, big data, start ups.

We are enterprise tech experts, having experienced many different stages in the evolution of enterprise IT, including the current impact of cloud computing. We have advised senior executives at two of the top three enterprise software brands; we have managed international programmes for a division of a leading hardware vendor and supported campaigns for renowned chip manufacturers. We have also counselled emerging brands looking to challenge and deposition the major players to become credible alternatives in the eyes of purchase decision makers.

Mobile and Telecoms

Areas of expertise: telecoms infrastructure, semi-conductors, mobile operators, mobile applications, start ups.

We know how challenging it is to stand out in the telecoms industry having worked for key hardware, software and service providers across the whole telecommunications eco-system. We have launched cutting edge technologies, built credibility for companies trying to monetise solutions and ensured established players convince key stakeholders of their sustained market leadership. In an industry where competition from non-traditional players is becoming ever more threatening, we know who the key influencers are and how to create credible stories to build our clients’ industry profile.

Smart Cities & Renewable Energy

Areas of expertise: machine-to-machine/Internet of Things, big data, solar energy, start ups.

The much heralded ‘green economy’ has created a great deal of excitement and disappointment in equal measure. Having worked with a number of the industry’s pioneers and their partners we recognise the important of crafting a pragmatic, coherent story, which is convincing to potential investors and customers. As the sector matures competition is increasing, so we can help both start-ups and established players to develop a point of view and messaging that is engaging for influencers, customers, partners, investors and regulators.

Graphic Arts Industry

Areas of expertise: imaging hardware & software, trade organisations & events.

We have represented some of the biggest hardware and software vendors in printing and imaging as well as the leading trade organisation and event for large format printing. We have also organised large scale media events in conjunction with the industry’s biggest tradeshows. We help our clients navigate this highly specialised sector, creating positioning, content and campaigns to ensure our clients are relevant to the industry themes and business needs of their prospects and customers.

Financial Sector Technology

Areas of expertise: infrastructure hardware & software for the retail and wholesale banking and insurance sectors.

With highly complex supply-chains and technology infrastructures – never mind ever changing regulation - being seen as relevant and desirable to prospective customers and partners is very challenging. We have used our knowledge of the key influencers in these markets to help clients to stand out in the limited industry publications and at crowded tradeshows. By positioning executives as go-to experts on key regulatory topics and explaining how technology can help banks innovative against their competitors, we have helped clients establish and build their reputation in these highly specialised sectors.

Information Security

Areas of expertise: consumer anti-virus, information security enterprise solutions, industry events.

Possibly the fastest moving sector in the tech industry it is extremely hard for new vendors to break through and established players to remain current. With enterprise customers and consumers often confused by scaremongering in the media we help our clients to cut through the hype and deliver easily digestible messages to their audiences. From launching new products in consumer sectors to explaining the business benefits of complex enterprise solutions we have the experience and creativity to translate the importance of our clients’ technologies to their customers.

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